Kai Leung – 2nd Vice president

Shihan Kai Leung, Master Instructor of the Shotojuku, is a founding member of the International Shotokai Karate-do Federation. His dojo is the Federation Headquarters.

Shihan started training in the martial arts in 1964, obtained his black belt in 1967, and began formally teaching in the early 70’s.

Shihan’s countless accolades over the past four decades include top ten ranking by Karate Illustrated Magazine in 1982 and the all American Open Championships in 1984, which he won at Madison Square Garden.

As a former karate tournament champion and widely recognized expert in self defense. Shihan has taught Shotokan karate-do for Master Toyotaro Miyazaki for many years, establishing himself as Master Miyazaki’s highest ranking disciple and most well known instructor.
He continues to produce some of the country’s most outstanding students, many of whom have gone on to become National and international champions, karate teachers and self defense instructors.

Also recognized as a tournament official and promoter, Shihan has repeatedly been invited to judge events nationwide, including the Ozawa’s Traditional Karate International Championships in Las Vegas and the Miyagi Chogun World Karate Championships. He has also officiated at the AAU, USAKF, and USANKF national championships. For his efforts, Shihan Leung was awarded a class ” A ” referee licensed by the AAU National Karate-do Federation and was the technical chairman of the USA National Karate-do Federation of New York, in addition to many other awards and titles. He is considered one of the most respected judges in the field.

His commitment as an instructor has brought him to teach at a number of colleges, including the karate instructor’s certificate program at (L.I.U.) Long Island University. He has taught at L.I.U. for more then fifteen years, during which time generation of karate instructors were exposed to his unique gift as a teacher and experience practitioner of martial arts

Shihan is well known and recognized as one of the leading experts and scholar of martial art history. He co-authored the text book Karate Martial Art and Sport with Doctor Milorad Stricevic and is featured in the fitness secrets of the martial arts text book Ultimate Warrior Workouts by Martin Rooney. Shihan has helped spread Japanese karate throughout the Americas and has senior students on four continents. Generation of National and International Champions, continue to train at his school, and Shihan has built a strong following through his many years of dedication as a caring teacher and well respected member of the martial arts community.


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