Georges Aschkar Jr.- President

//Georges Aschkar Jr.- President

Georges Aschkar Jr.- President

Georges Aschkar Jr.

Georges Aschkar Jr. – President


Shihan Georges Aschkar Jr. Founder and President of The New York Traditional Karate League (NYTKL), co-founder as well as Vice President & Treasurer of Haitian Sports Foundation (HSF) and Owner of Kyodai Karate-Do migrated to the United States from Haiti in 1966. Mr. Aschkar attained citizenship in the US by age 18 and has been married for 40 plus years with two wonderful children, Badyr and Yumi.  Despite many adversities, Mr. Aschkar successfully completed his undergraduate studies obtaining a Degree in Computer Sciences from Brooklyn College, Brooklyn New York.

His lifelong passion for Karate began at the age of 14 when he initially studied karate under the legendary Master, Sensei Toyotaro Myiazaki. Mr. Aschkar’s hunger to harness his passion for karate inspired him to open his karate school in 1979 in Queens Village, New York where it currently operates. He was the Director of the Karate Instructors Program at LIU Brooklyn Campus, Brooklyn New York, from 1997-1999. During that time, he co-authored several karate bestseller books along with Dr. Milorad Stricevic covering basic to sweeping techniques, which are currently available for sale.  Shihan Aschkar currently holds a Hachidan or 8th degree Back Belt that was presented to him in 2012. He taught hundreds of students of whom over 260 attained their Black Belts in Karate, some of who opened their own schools.

Mr. Aschkar, currently is the co-founder and Vice President as well as the Treasurer of the Haitian Sports Foundation (HSF) formed in 2006, a nonprofit 501-C3 organization which develops Haitian youth ages 7-17 years in Soccer, Basketball, Karate, Track and Field, Computer Studies and other academics. The foundation through donations, fundraisers and other supports have built a Sports Complex, Computer Center and a Health clinic in Anse-a-Veau south of Port-au Prince Haiti in 2018.

In 2006, when Shihan Aschkar formed the New York Traditional Karate League (NYTKL) which was inaugurated in 2006 a nonprofit 501-c3 organization, his vision as President was to bring the karate community together and promote athletes in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania both in karate and education.  He has initiated a scholarship program for the NYTKL members who are entering college as freshman for he supports education strongly and feels that like all other sports, karate should promote education. In 2011 -2012 Shihan Aschkar was presented with the President’s Award from the United Karate Federation (USANKF) for his work in the New York Karate community and in 2016 he was recognized and presented as the “MAN OF THE YEAR” from the USANKF also.  His efforts are recognized and supported by reputable organizations such as the AWMA, Wells Fargo and Jerry Florio Foundation who have assisted the NYTKL throughout the years. Shihan Aschkar continues his venture to develop the karate community because of his passion for it.



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